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Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Praying

July 8, 2021
Sometimes, I don’t even enjoy praying - private prayer
It seems that at times my personal, private prayer times are:
Routine (although the prayer book is no longer in use)
Burdensome (something I have to do)
Simply a discipline
I have met many other wonderful Christians and even numerous Christian leaders who can identify with my somewhat lifeless prayer times or seasons
Prayer seems to me to be the “weak link” in almost every Christian’s life
And in most churches it is also a “weak link” and corporate prayer in North America is almost non-existent
Why don’t people like to pray?
Why is prayer apparently such a guilt-producing stumbling block in the life of many believers?
1> Many people don’t know how to pray
Prayer seems intimidating, foreign, confusing


2> Another reason people don’t pray is that they are not sure God will answer
3> “Attention Deficit Disorder” prayers (ADD)
4> Boredom
5> God Doesn’t Care
Another reason people don’t pray is that they don’t think that God really cares about them and their insignificant life issues

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