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Difficult News!

Difficult News!

April 15, 2022

It is with a very heavy heart that we express the unexpected passing of Ralph Howe on April 12, 2022.

Ralph loved Jesus and was passionate about sharing this with everyone he met. Ralph always spoke about how it was “the dash” that counted the most. The time between the birth date and end date. Ralph tried very hard to make the dash count every day.

Thank you for your love and appreciation.

More information about where and how you can express your condolences will be released in the near future. Please respect the family’s time to grieve and process this. Private messages can be sent to Ralph’s administrative assistant, Elizabeth (elizabeth@ralphhoweministries.com), for the time being.

A Fresh Look - Part One
The New Normal
TrainYour Brain
The Revolutionary Message of the Gospel

The Revolutionary Message of the Gospel

March 19, 2022

Our Gospel, when received, believed, and released has the power to totally change lives and nations. The true Gospel - The Gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 24:14) - can and does totally transform lives and defeats both the work of the devil and the works of the flesh. However, there are so many counterfeit (false) gospels being preached that the true Gospel of the Kingdom is often neglected and not known.

It is time to hear the life-changing Gospel of the Kingdom and to experience, once again or maybe for the first time, the power of God unto salvation and all that ‘salvation’ includes.

Believe in Yourself
Wars and Rumours of War
Less Religion - More Relationship

Less Religion - More Relationship

February 19, 2022

As someone who came out of religion and was born again I have come to realize how much of what we do, as born again believers, is still religious. We simply now have a born again religion. Better than what we had but falling far short of the dynamic and powerful relationship we are called to as disciples of the Lord Jesus.


This weekend Ralph will be looking at four aspects of a life of faith - the Bible, Prayer, Fellowship, and Ministry. He will be examining each one comparing what religion asks of us with how things look from the vantage point of a relationship with God. You will discover how great a hold religion still has in your life. And, we will see the way to break the spirit of religion and the spirit of tradition and claim the freedom that a powerful relationship with the Holy Spirit can bring.

The Hidden Spring
The Lord’s Prayer Backwards

The Lord’s Prayer Backwards

February 12, 2022

When looking at my own personal prayer life and talking with others about their time in prayer I realize that there is much we can learn from the Lord’s example. For many they pray the Lord’s Prayer from memory and simply repeat it word-for-word. I honestly don’t believe that this is what Jesus intended when He taught His disciples to pray. And, other, like myself, simply spend time petitioning God for things we need and want and interceding for others. This is good but is actually praying the Lord’s Prayer backwards.


An in-depth look at the Lord’s Prayer and how it should be guiding our personal prayer time and helping us to pray as the Lord directed. And, after all, He did say, “and when you pray, pray like this…”

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