The Forest and the Tree

May 25, 2017

Often we miss seeing the forest because we are so focused on an amazing tree. We see what is in front of us today but fail to see how what we experiencing fits into a larger context. We often simply don’t see the big picture.

The same is true in our walk as believers. We don’t always see the big picture.

Because of this we often fail to understand what God is doing in our lives and in the Church. We live life in a God- vacuum and, as a result, it often does not make any sense. We feel victimized. We wonder where God is when you need Him the most. We struggle and strive and have no idea how to simply trust the Lord regardless of our circumstances and situation. So, anxiety and worry are our constant companions and are, at times, seriously overwhelming.

This weekend Ralph will be sharing with us the big picture that helps put every aspect of life into focus - a God-focus. We can see the meaning and purpose in every aspect of life no matter how hard or how mundane. God cares about every second of our lives and nothing is insignificant to Him. He knows, He cares, He is there for you. But, without the big picture we are often unaware of His present help in times of trouble.

This weekend - let’s look beyond the tree and see the forest. Come and hear about the big picture.


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