Ralph Howe Ministries

Sometimes I lack Integrity

November 23, 2020

This time he will be sharing on “Sometimes I Lack Integrity” as he shares from Scriptures and his personal experiences about this sadly lacking virtue in the world and the Church today.

He writes… Isn’t it tragic that we live in a world where people are more shocked by a display of integrity than a lack of it? More and more often, people seem surprised when someone does the right thing instead of when someone fails the morality test. This inversion is a sad indictment of how corrupt and self-absorbed our culture has become. Our ethics are determined by what we want and when we want it. It is all about us.

Integrity is living what you believe. It is walking on the outside what you believe on the inside. As Tony Dungy so brilliantly stated, “Integrity doesn’t come in degrees: low, medium, or high. You either have integrity or you don’t.” Integrity is living with all aspects of your life lining up into one whole.

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