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Sometimes I Feel That I’m Too Old

May 10, 2021

A Christian hero - Dr. J. Vernon McGee - Pastor and Bible teacher - died in 1988 at the age of 84 …still preaching and teaching on a daily basis 


When Dr. J. Vernon McGee talked about the Bible, people listened. He was the most beloved Bible teacher of his generation.


In a sit-down conversation after he had preached what would be his last Sunday sermon he did not talk about the past


He did not mention the good old days and all that he had accomplished for the Kingdom - which was seriously substantial


The only subject that interested him was the future


He was fascinated by the technology of audio-tape and broadcasting


He was looking to the future and how to keep his ministry fruitful long after he was gone


He was correct about that


Fifteen years after Dr. McGee’s death (2003), the Wall Street Journal published an article about him


Writer Anne Wilde Matthews reported that McGee’s radio program was broadcast on 800 radio stations in the U.S. And Canada


His teachings were being beamed around the world via satellite and the Internet in more than 100 languages


Thru the Bible, his radio program, had added an additional 300 North American affiliates and dozens of new languages since his death…


A side note: The numbers are even greater today as every year his ministry grows in nations around the world


Dr. McGee’s wholehearted ministry has not stopped even in his death 


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