Ralph Howe Ministries

Nominal or Phenomenal

August 9, 2021



God is looking for a group of people who want to be phenomenal for Him


➢ People who want to redefine normal

➢ People who want to go from nominal to phenomenal 

  • People who are not happy with “almost Christianity”
  • People who want to live with passion 
  • People who want to change the world one life at a time


“Almost Christian” is not going to work


You know – almost is never good enough:





You go to your doctor’s office because of a serious medical issue in your life

The certificate on the wall states: “Almost passed his medical exams”

Not good enough

We need to move from “almost” to “altogether”


We would say – “get it together” / “get it altogether”

Pass the exams and then call yourself a doctor


Christianity today needs to get it altogether and then call itself a force to be reckoned with…


The Church needs to, once again, become phenomenal as it first was as recorded in the book of Acts…





Out of the ordinary






A phenomenal Church filled with phenomenal disciples would be:

➢ Hearing God’s voice daily

➢ Following Jesus with passion and purpose

➢ Walking by faith and not by sight

➢ Able to “speak to the mountains”

➢ Moving in power

➢ Walking in miracles, signs and wonders

➢ Speaking the truth in love

➢ Witnessing to non-believers

➢ Winning the lost

➢ Making disciples

➢ Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom

➢ Walking in authority

➢ Healing the sick

➢ Casting out demons

➢ Raising the dead

➢ Rescuing the lost

➢ Loving the unlovable

➢ Moving prophetically

➢ Speaking truth into situations and circumstances – individuals and nations

➢ Going into all the world

➢ Filled with and flowing in the Spirit

➢ Knowing the mind of Christ

➢ Overcoming fear and walking in boldness

➢ Working the Word

➢ Taking up their cross daily

➢ Living sacrificially

➢ Challenging convention and what others consider normal

➢ Uninhibited

➢ No longer people-pleasers

➢ No longer fearing man – what others think

➢ Not politically correct

➢ No longer insecure

➢ No longer denying the truth / living a lie

➢ Not silent in the face of opposition

➢ Not fearing failure – willing to try

➢ Working as ambassadors of Christ

➢ Ministers of reconciliation in the world

➢ Part of the priesthood of all believers

➢ A royal priesthood honouring God

➢ A holy nation within the nations

➢ Phenomenal Christians

➢ Fanatics

➢ Believers loving one another and embracing the world

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