Ralph Howe Ministries

Christmas ”Charity”

December 24, 2021

This week Ralph will be wrapping up his Christmas series as we look at what it truly means to be loved by God and to love others because we know that we are loved. Last time we spoke about “affection” and the root words for love in the Latin are “caritas” meaning affection and “carus” meaning dear. These two words together form the basis for “charity” which is the KJV word for love.


“Charity” is a good word for love because it is a strong, proactive word. It describes an action - a charitable act of gesture, motivated by genuine affection and caring.


This week we will look at expressions of “charity” both current in the world today and in the Christmas story in the Bible among others. A in-depth look at what it means to love at this special time of the year.

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