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Don’t Walk, Run Part Two

Don’t Walk, Run Part Two

March 31, 2019

Part one is the first 10 min of this teaching

The Great Challenge
Basics of the Christian Faith
Prophetic Prayer
The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

January 24, 2019

Well, we are now officially into 2019 and the start of new year sees the continuation of the faith journey we are on with Jesus. But, more than that, it is a time to reexamine “The Amazing Race” that God, our Heavenly Father, has invited us to run with Him.

This race is one that we must run with passion. A passion that needs to be renewed and refocused as we enter a new year. There is a purpose to this amazing race other than crossing the finish line and winning. Now, would be a good time to examine the purpose of the journey and the race we are running. And, the key to running with passion and purpose is to reexamine and adjust our perspective on the race as we enter a new year.

In The Amazing Race of 2019 we will face new challenges and many changes. There will even be a few surprises. As the political and economic worlds change we will need to adjust. But, one thing must remain constant throughout the race - we must keep our eyes on Jesus who never changes.

The Simplicity of the Faith

The Simplicity of the Faith

January 4, 2019

If it is complicated - it is religion. If it is simple, it is Jesus! And, we do manage to complicate the Christian faith. Often, in fact, we make it into another religion. We take the basics of the faith and add things to it that take our focus off of Jesus and onto programs, buildings, budgets, bodies (number of people attending), and baptisms (number of people publicly confessing their faith).

In time, Jesus seems to get lost totally. Listen to the worship songs today; most are about us, not Jesus. Listen to sermons; most are about life principles, spiritual deeper life, the benefits we gain from salvation - healing, deliverance, prosperity. Jesus has gotten lost. Not His choice - we did it.

So, we end up with “another Jesus, another gospel, and another spirit” as Paul mentions in 2 Corinthians. And, often, we are totally unaware of it. May I add, “another church” (small ‘c’ because it is not the Church that Jesus is the Head of and that He is building). And, we end up in bondage to legalism or life lived without boundaries (license) and no longer experience the liberty and freedom Jesus spoke of and died to release.

It is time to refocus on Jesus. Maybe it is time to focus for the first time on Jesus. He is to be our focus - the King and His Kingdom. To focus or refocus will mean decluttering our spiritual life. It will mean purging religion out of our system (easier said than done). It will mean learning to travel light and experience life as it was meant to be lived.

THINKING OUT LOUD - About The Church

THINKING OUT LOUD - About The Church

January 4, 2019
The Church - is God’s people gathered together 
God’s people - born again believers / disciples
The Church - is empowered to be a witness
Acts 1:8 … “you shall receive power and be My witnesses…”
The Church - is here to complete the task Jesus began
Luke 19:10; Matthew 28:19-20
The Church - is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom everywhere
Matthew 24:14
The Church - is to demonstrate that the Gospel is true
1 Corinthians 1:4-5
The Church - is to grow and multiply constantly
Isaiah 9:7
The Church - is an organism and not an organization
1 Corinthians 12:27
The Church - is to be salt and light in the world
Matthew 5:13-14
The Church - is called to be ministers of reconciliation - a priesthood unto God
2 Corinthians 5:18 / 1 Peter 2:9
The Church - is called to be ambassadors of the Kingdom
2 Corinthians 5:20
Revelations Not Resolutions
The Line in Time

The Line in Time

January 4, 2019
Let us be very clear - there is nothing “common” about Christmas and the birth of Christ or the time in history that we live in … C.E. or A.D. … 
Jesus is the child born in Bethlehem
Jesus is God in human flesh
Jesus died for our sins that we can be forgiven and have eternal life
Jesus will soon return to take us home to Heaven
The crib is connected to the cross which is connected to the crown
Unto us is born a King… who has changed the course of all history and transformed our individual lives forever!!!!!!


The God Nudge

The God Nudge

November 15, 2018