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Sometimes I have Fear in My Life
Sometimes I Don‘t Pray (Speak) in Tongues
Sometimes I Lack Bold Obedience
Sometimes I Am Not Bold In My Conversations
Sometimes I Don’t Pray Boldly

Sometimes I Don’t Pray Boldly

August 18, 2021
  • What you don’t pray for reflects what you believe about God
  • What you pray for reflects what you believe about God
  • What you pray for reflects what you believe about God
  • What you pray for reflects what you believe about God
Sometimes I Simply Don’t Trust God
Sometimes I Don’t Live a Bold Lifestyle
Nominal or Phenomenal

Nominal or Phenomenal

August 9, 2021



God is looking for a group of people who want to be phenomenal for Him


➢ People who want to redefine normal

➢ People who want to go from nominal to phenomenal 

  • People who are not happy with “almost Christianity”
  • People who want to live with passion 
  • People who want to change the world one life at a time


“Almost Christian” is not going to work


You know – almost is never good enough:





You go to your doctor’s office because of a serious medical issue in your life

The certificate on the wall states: “Almost passed his medical exams”

Not good enough

We need to move from “almost” to “altogether”


We would say – “get it together” / “get it altogether”

Pass the exams and then call yourself a doctor


Christianity today needs to get it altogether and then call itself a force to be reckoned with…


The Church needs to, once again, become phenomenal as it first was as recorded in the book of Acts…





Out of the ordinary






A phenomenal Church filled with phenomenal disciples would be:

➢ Hearing God’s voice daily

➢ Following Jesus with passion and purpose

➢ Walking by faith and not by sight

➢ Able to “speak to the mountains”

➢ Moving in power

➢ Walking in miracles, signs and wonders

➢ Speaking the truth in love

➢ Witnessing to non-believers

➢ Winning the lost

➢ Making disciples

➢ Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom

➢ Walking in authority

➢ Healing the sick

➢ Casting out demons

➢ Raising the dead

➢ Rescuing the lost

➢ Loving the unlovable

➢ Moving prophetically

➢ Speaking truth into situations and circumstances – individuals and nations

➢ Going into all the world

➢ Filled with and flowing in the Spirit

➢ Knowing the mind of Christ

➢ Overcoming fear and walking in boldness

➢ Working the Word

➢ Taking up their cross daily

➢ Living sacrificially

➢ Challenging convention and what others consider normal

➢ Uninhibited

➢ No longer people-pleasers

➢ No longer fearing man – what others think

➢ Not politically correct

➢ No longer insecure

➢ No longer denying the truth / living a lie

➢ Not silent in the face of opposition

➢ Not fearing failure – willing to try

➢ Working as ambassadors of Christ

➢ Ministers of reconciliation in the world

➢ Part of the priesthood of all believers

➢ A royal priesthood honouring God

➢ A holy nation within the nations

➢ Phenomenal Christians

➢ Fanatics

➢ Believers loving one another and embracing the world

Sometimes I Feel So Insignificant

Sometimes I Feel So Insignificant

August 9, 2021
How do you grow on the inside and become ready for the challenge when it arises?
The challenges as they arise in the Kingdom, in relationships, in life…
1> Stop listening to “mini-me”
Mini-me is the weaker version of yourself who coaches you into smallness
Mini-me wants you to play it safe and remain small 
When I was growing up there was a tough group of guys the next block over who were constantly picking on my older brother - words and physically
My brother saw himself as weak and unable to take them on…
One day my father began to speak to my brother:
Calling out the stronger Keith
Calling out the tougher Keith
Calling out the bigger inner Keith
Calling out the fighter that was in there
He also taught my brother how to fight as my dad had been a semi-pro boxer for a number of years before he was married
Keith stopped listening to his “mini-me” and the next thing I heard was that he had taken on three of them in a fist fight and won
My point is not that you should pick a fight 
My point is that you need to stop listening to mini-me who limits and who helps you to continue to feel insignificant
2> Leave your comfort zone 
Comfort zones are the place where dreams go to die
To leave your comfort zone you must not allow your past to abort today’s possibilities
To leave your comfort zone you need to:
Think bigger
Pray bigger prayers
Remove pettiness
Grow your faith by stepping out in faith
Trust God more
Make consistent inner changes as you step forward into your future
Take risks
Realize that “everything is working together for your good…”
“Open up your lives. Live openly and expansively!”
3> Start living big - live life wide open
Live life wide open stepping out with courage and boldness in the various areas of your life
Live life wide open by no longer being so sensitive to what others think and say
Live life wide open by not allowing the small stuff to loom so large and occupy so much of your time and energy 
Live life wide open is to risk what you know and have for what just might be possible and powerful
Living life wide open is what keeps the doors of opportunity open, allowing God to work in your life and thru you to do significant things
The opposite to living life wide open is allowing your internal smallness  (your mini-me) to limit what you do and make your life insignificant 
Sometimes I Forget To Keep Calm

Sometimes I Forget To Keep Calm

August 8, 2021

Jesus did not promise us that everything would go smoothly in life. In fact, He prophesied that we would face trials and troubles as we lived as believers in a world that does not believe. However, He asks us to put our trust in four things that He promised would provide courage and renewed strength for our troubled hearts. These four things will allow us to live with inner peace that passes all human reason and understanding even when there are storms on the horizon of our lives. 

A new teaching in the “Sometimes…” series speaking to the realities that we face every day as believers in today’s world. 

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