The Apostolic Model of the Church

September 12, 2017

Jesus is the apostle of our faith and the Church that He is building today is going to be both apostolic in nature and purpose.

But what will a church with an “apostolic” DNA look like. The Bible states that apostles are foundational to the Church. And, when they are the Church will have a certain look, taste, and feel to it.

This coming weekend Ralph will be teaching on “What Does Apostolic Mean?” and applying it to the Church today noting some of the changes that God is asking His people to make with His help. And, as we, the people of God and Jesus’ disciples, are the Church these are changes we will need to make within our own heart as well.  

A practical and biblical look at the future of the Church and the moving of the Holy Spirit today as He prepares His Church for what is about to happen in the neighbourhood and community in which we live.



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