Burning Your Bridges

September 12, 2017

Go to God and ask Him what personal plow does He want you to burn?

It is not easy to cut ties with the thing that is chaining you to a life you have become comfortable with but that is boring you…

But the real risk isn’t in launching out into a new life and a new path from God – burning the plows

The greater risk is staying in your old life of the ordinary

So, count the cost of burning the plows

BUT, also count the cost of not burning to plows

For the rich young ruler, whom Jesus told to sell everything / all of his possessions – burning the plows was too radical, too decisive an act

That’s why he walked away sorrowful (Mark 10:22)

The rich young ruler had just as much of an encounter with God as Elisha did

The only difference was that he wasn’t willing to burn the plows

The real tragedy for the rich young ruler was that he would never know what he missed out on


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