Meetings or Movement

November 26, 2017

Seeing as Jesus Sees

November 26, 2017

How To Be The Church

October 23, 2017

Successful house churches follow the example of Jesus and simply imitate the very natural progression of what He did

  • He prayed
  • He met people
  • He made disciples
  • He gathered those who were future leaders closer to Himself
  • He poured Himself into these future leaders to multiply the impact for the Kingdom

Let’s look at these five things briefly…

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand how house churches are to function

If you simply remember these five steps - pray, meet, make, gather, and multiply - you are well on your way to understanding how to be the church

            Not “do” church - but, how to “be” the church


Warning - The World is Watching

October 23, 2017

This is what the world thinks of Christians (Most popular google searches). How can we change this?

Why are Christians so…

  • Why are Christians so stupid
  • Why are Christians so judgemental
  • Why are Christians so ignorant
  • Why are Christians so hateful
  • Why are Christians so intolerant
  • Why are Christians so mean
  • Why are Christians so narrow minded
  • Why are Christians so hypocritical
  • Why are Christians so annoying
  • Why are Christians so crazy


October 22, 2017
  • They saw the Church as the Bride of Christ
  • They saw the Church as the army of God
  • They saw the Church as the family of God
  • They saw the Church as the only hope for the world
  • They saw the Church as a light in spiritual darkness
  • They saw the Church as the Household of God
  • They saw the Church as a holy temple in the Lord
  • They saw the Church as a habitation of God
  • They saw the Church as the priesthood of all believers

The New Wineskin - The Apostolic Model Part Three

October 1, 2017

Jesus is calling His people to embrace the new wine that He began pouring out in the early part of this century. He is looking for a people who are committed to “going into all the world and making disciples.” This new wine is being poured out in every nation of the world. But, it will take a new wineskin to hold the new wine.

This Church that embraces the new wine will no longer settle for “business as usual” as they will want to see every person come to know the saving power of the Gospel of the Kingdom and enter into a personal relationship with the King - Jesus.

The new wineskin will be a “sent” church (the meaning of ‘apostolic’). A Church that will welcome the fivefold ministry which is an expression of the fullness of Jesus’ ministry today in the world. And, a Church that will be a people of His presence walking in His power as they experience His peace.

In each region of the world God is raising up “apostolic churches” that are regional centres of renewal and new life. Your church could be one of these centres. Come and hear what a regional apostolic centre is really like - its form, its ministry, its impact.

Ralph will be tracing the early history of the Church as it spread through the then known world (the book of Acts). He will tell the story of the first two regional apostolic centres - Jerusalem and Antioch - linking them to the new wine that is currently being poured out into new wineskins in every nation as God births new apostolic regional centres today.

Not just a history lesson - but a story that is still unfolding today. A movement that God wants all of us to be a part of. Come and join us as we focus on worship and the Word.